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6 Helpful Tips to Follow When Selecting Shears

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6 Rules to Follow When Selecting Shears

1. THE IMPORTANCE OF QUALITY– The quality of the steel will determine how long your shears will last, as well as the precision they’ll provide. Options include cobalt, steel or a combination of both, which is know as a Damascus shear. Japanese steel provides the highest quality.

2. COMFORT AND CONTROL — Try out and “handle” as many pairs of shears before you make your purchase. You need to know what feels best in your had.

3. MORE THAN ONE — You’ll want to own at least two pairs of shears – one ranging from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches to use for cutting the interior of the hair and one ranging from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches for cutting the frame.

4. FINDING YOUR EDGE — Some shears have a sword edge while others have a clamshell (Also known as a convex). A clamshell actually feeds hair in the blade as you cut for the ultimate precision.

5. PRICED ACCORDINGLY — Your shears are your most important investment in your are , your craft and your future. Give yourself every opportunity to succeed by choosing the best tools possible. Shears can range from very cheap to quite expensive. It’s important to avoid the cheap blades because they have no longevity, no balance and no edge. You have to constantly redo cuts.

6. SHEAR SUPPORT – Buy from a reputable manufacturer that provides ongoing support – and take advantage of that benefit. It’s important to buy your shears from a reputable company that provides sharpening services, because you’ll need to have your blades realigned and sharpened as you use them. Make sure you buy your shears form a trustworthy company get back the shears you sent them and they’ll be returned with the proper edge.

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Some reputable companies that we would recommend purchasing shears from would be KAMISORI, JOEWELL, RUSK, TONDEO, TIGI, MATSUZAKI, KASHO, HACHI, YASAKA AND MANY MORE!!

Steel Hardness Explained

How does the hardness of the steel affect the performance of haircutting shears?

Many manufactures of scissors will advertise that their scissors are very hard, and therefore are of the best quality. Usually they will state the Rockwell Scale measured hardness of their steel or they may refer to the inclusion of a hardening element in their steel such as Cobalt or Tungsten. The hardest steel may not, however, make the best shear for your personal requirements.

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