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Joke from Denny the Barber

Was giving a guy a haircut when I noticed that his left ear was severely burnt… I asked him why? Well he was in a hurry to get to work and was ironing his shirt and the phone rang not thinking he put the iron to his ear instead of the to answer it… Wow it must have really, but then I noticed his right ear was burnt also… again I asked what happened? He told me the guy called back!!!!

Darn Birds

Unbelievable on the way to work this morning  I hit a turkey.

It bounced up and over my car and smashed the windshield of the car behind me!

Which happened to me a police car, he pulled me over and wrote me a citation for flipping him the bird!

by Denny the Barber

Priest and the Barber

So the Barber in taking to his client says, “In all my years of being a hairdresser I’m finally learning how to multitask.”

Client reply’s, “Oh really and how are you doing with that?”

Barber reply’s, “Well I’ve sewn white collars in all my black smocks so I can cut hair and go to confession all at the same time!”

” Well,” client smirks, “I don’t think I have enough hair to hear all your confessions!”

by Denny the Barber