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Mehaz Nail Clipper Tutorial

If your nail clippers fall apart, here are the steps you take to put them back together:

Identify the parts of your nail clipper.

Nail Clipper parts

Figure which side the pin goes in – find the slight circular discoloration on the blades.

Nail clipper blades

Insert the pin, and squeeze the blades so the pin sticks through the opposite side.

installing pin into nail clippers squeezing nail clipper blades to insert pin

Attach the handle.

installing handle on nail clippers

In reverse, detach the handle, and remove the pin from the blades.

Makes cleaning and oiling nice and easy!!

If your pin is bent or lost give us a call and we can send you out a new one for a small shipping and handling fee of $3.00!

Or you can also send in your nail clipper and we will sharpen it and replace the pin for you!