The Sharpeners

ScottI’m Scott, I started my business in California were I was born and raised. I then decided to move to the beautiful Flathead Valley were I have lived for over the last 20 years. I enjoy tap dancing, acting in our local theater, and playing in our local bag pipe band; I play the drums. I love growing my own organic fruit in my orchard on Flathead Lake and renting my home out in the summer as a vacation rental. I also enjoy my collection of antique and collectable cars and trucks!

TomI’m Tom, I’m originally from Vietnam, and  I am fluent in many Chinese dialects. My wife and I have a daughter in college. I was trained by Scott before he moved to Montana and I have run the California office for many years.

MattI’m Matt, I have been sharpening cuticle nippers for Custom Sharpening since 2005. I was born with Spina Bifida which is a birth defect that caused me to be paralyzed from the knees down. I work out of my house, which makes my job even greater. My job enables me to travel some which is one of the things I love doing. Along with traveling my favorite things are spending time with My Family, Hunting, Fishing, Wheelchair Basketball, Sled Hockey, and Restoring classic cars.

I’m Brenda, I have worked at Custom Sharpening since 2006. I sharpen all of the tweezers that come in and I take apart and put together shears. I love photography and I put a lot of it on Custom Sharpening’s Facebook page and Webpage. I enjoy my cats and my dog. I drive a green jeep and live 60 miles (one way) away from where I work.


The Office Staff

BettyI’m Betty, I may be the first voice you hear on the phone. I was born and raised in Montana. When I’m not at work, I’m at home on my family’s hay and grain farm of 1,000 acres. The farm comes complete with my two adult boys, their wives, my grandchildren, dogs, cats, our horses and cows.