Mehaz & Rubis Warranty Center

Mehaz & Rubis Warranty Center

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Mehaz/Rubis Warranty Items must be paid in full prior to Custom Sharpening returning items. If you select to Pay 10 Days After at Checkout, you must enclose payment or pay invoice via email before items will be shipped back to you. 

Prices and sharpening services below are for Mehaz and Rubis clients only. Prices are based on service center rates and not retail. For standard retail pricing please refer to our sharpening services page.

Mehaz/Rubis Implement Type Shipping Charge
Cuticle Nippers & Tweezers $4
Pedicure Nippers $4
Fiberwrap Scissors $5
German Shears $16
Thinning Shears $16
Japanese Style Shears $20
Insurance  Optional

Price Guide

Sharpening is Free for all Mehaz and Rubis Products. See Shipping Charges.

Nipper Services: Sharpen, adjust, replace spring, oil, test and clean every nipper.
Shear Service: Disassemble, sharpen, re-serrate, balance, oil, test and clean every shear.

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