Scott can restore your shears to “like new” condition.  Are your shears rusty?  We can fix that.  Did your shears receive excessive grinding from the last sharpener?  Scott can fix that.  Did your tang (pinky rest) fall out and you can’t find it?  Scott can fix that, too!


Scott has 30 years experience sharpening, manufacturing and reconditioning all makes and models of hair styling shears!

Scott can RESTORE your shears to “LIKE NEW” condition and optimum cutting performance; Even shears that have regrettably been damaged by improper, unskilled, sharpening.

Reconvexing the blades to the correct angle to ensure optimal cutting performance. Re-Hollow Grinding removes corrosion and pits from your blades to ensure “Like New” edge durability

Image Photo14

Note: Additional Charges may apply depending on the extent of the damage.

Scott has studied and trained at 12 “cutting edge” shear factories in Japan, Germany and Korea for over 30 years!

Master Training = Master Sharpener:

  • Kai, Kasho Shears – Japan
  • Tondeo Shears – Germany
  • Matsuzaki Company – Japan
  • Jowell – Tokosha Company  – Japan
  • Kretzer Shears – Germany
  • Jaguar Shears – Germany
  • Arius Eickert Shears – USA
  • YS Lee Shears – Korea
  • Tokyo Riki Shears – Japan
  • Misutani Shears – Japan
  • Butterfly Shears (Kocho) – Japan
  • Designers Edge Shears – USA

7 thoughts on “Restore

    1. Katie Ridinger

      We can sharpen your upholstery scissors the cost is going to be $16.00 per shear with a per package shipping and handling fee of $15.00. We do not have a discount for multiple shears we do have a coupon for free shipping in December & January if you send in 3 or more shears in the same package just check our blog under coupons!!!!

  1. Deborah Lormand

    I am a retired stylist (12yrs now), but still cut my own hair & my 2 sons.
    My scissors are Centrix Cricket, 5 in. and they are chewing the hair.
    You sharpened them yrs back but I desperately need them sharpened again.
    I still have an envelope but has a different address: PO Box 3754, Torrance, CA 90510
    Could you let me know ASAP please.

    Deborah Lormand
    Cedar Hill, TN. 37032

    1. Katie

      We charge $12.00 per blade and to repair the clipper itself it is $28.00 plus parts. We do charge $20.00 per package for shipping and handling.

  2. Beth Kiihn

    Scott, I’m linked here to your website, but am wondering about a shears I sent you from Allen, TX. I will keep looking to see if you have communicated elsewhere. Hope things are well in MT!! Sincerely, Beth


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