Darn Birds

Unbelievable on the way to work this morning  I hit a turkey.

It bounced up and over my car and smashed the windshield of the car behind me!

Which happened to me a police car, he pulled me over and wrote me a citation for flipping him the bird!

by Denny the Barber

Mehaz Nail Clipper Tutorial

If your nail clippers fall apart, here are the steps you take to put them back together:

Identify the parts of your nail clipper.

Nail Clipper parts

Figure which side the pin goes in – find the slight circular discoloration on the blades.

Nail clipper blades

Insert the pin, and squeeze the blades so the pin sticks through the opposite side.

installing pin into nail clippers squeezing nail clipper blades to insert pin

Attach the handle.

installing handle on nail clippers

In reverse, detach the handle, and remove the pin from the blades.

Makes cleaning and oiling nice and easy!!

If your pin is bent or lost give us a call and we can send you out a new one for a small shipping and handling fee of $3.00!

Or you can also send in your nail clipper and we will sharpen it and replace the pin for you!


6 Helpful Tips to Follow When Selecting Shears

In doing some research on-line we came across this article on behindthechair.com’s website. We thought we would share the information.

6 Rules to Follow When Selecting Shears

1. THE IMPORTANCE OF QUALITY– The quality of the steel will determine how long your shears will last, as well as the precision they’ll provide. Options include cobalt, steel or a combination of both, which is know as a Damascus shear. Japanese steel provides the highest quality.

2. COMFORT AND CONTROL — Try out and “handle” as many pairs of shears before you make your purchase. You need to know what feels best in your had.

3. MORE THAN ONE — You’ll want to own at least two pairs of shears – one ranging from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches to use for cutting the interior of the hair and one ranging from 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches for cutting the frame.

4. FINDING YOUR EDGE — Some shears have a sword edge while others have a clamshell (Also known as a convex). A clamshell actually feeds hair in the blade as you cut for the ultimate precision.

5. PRICED ACCORDINGLY — Your shears are your most important investment in your are , your craft and your future. Give yourself every opportunity to succeed by choosing the best tools possible. Shears can range from very cheap to quite expensive. It’s important to avoid the cheap blades because they have no longevity, no balance and no edge. You have to constantly redo cuts.

6. SHEAR SUPPORT – Buy from a reputable manufacturer that provides ongoing support – and take advantage of that benefit. It’s important to buy your shears from a reputable company that provides sharpening services, because you’ll need to have your blades realigned and sharpened as you use them. Make sure you buy your shears form a trustworthy company get back the shears you sent them and they’ll be returned with the proper edge.

For more interesting articles check out there website at behindthechair.com

Some reputable companies that we would recommend purchasing shears from would be KAMISORI, JOEWELL, RUSK, TONDEO, TIGI, MATSUZAKI, KASHO, HACHI, YASAKA AND MANY MORE!!

Converting a Rusk Shear with a Tension Plate from a Right hand to a Left

(Before you start this process make sure that there is a small hole on the other blade for your tension plate tab to be inserted into.)

Rusk Shear set up to be right handed.


Place your right index finger on the back part of the screw, this will hold it in place while you are unscrewing the nut.

Unscrew the nut in a counter clockwise direction.


After you remove the nut, you will need to remove the tension plate. Set these two items in a safe place while you continue working with your shears.


Remove the cutting blade (with out the Swivel Thumb) keeping the screw in the blade with the swivel thumb.

Remove the screw and washer from the cutting blade with the swivel thumb. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LOSE YOUR WASHER!!!!!

You should have these six parts. From Left to Right nut, tension plate, cutting blade with swivel thumb, cutting blade with finger hole, washer, and the screw.

Now how to put your shear back together as a left handed shear!

Place the washer back on the screw.

Place the screw thru the hole on the blade without the swivel thumb.

Place the blade with the swivel thumb on top of the other blade with the screw coming out the hole.

Replace tension plate inserting the small tab into the hole so that it stays in place.

Replace the nut on the screw and and adjust the tension to your liking.


If run into any problems please call us 800-669-3555 and ask for Brenda!!



Priest and the Barber

So the Barber in taking to his client says, “In all my years of being a hairdresser I’m finally learning how to multitask.”

Client reply’s, “Oh really and how are you doing with that?”

Barber reply’s, “Well I’ve sewn white collars in all my black smocks so I can cut hair and go to confession all at the same time!”

” Well,” client smirks, “I don’t think I have enough hair to hear all your confessions!”

by Denny the Barber