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Our company has made the choice to help our environment and our community by recycling as much as we possible can!

We have managed to go from 99 GALLONS of trash per week to 11 GALLONS of trash per week. For those of you who are visual people like myself, that is 3 large black trash bags to just 1/3 of a large black trash bag full of trash that we have manage to reduce. And that is just in PAPER PRODUCTS!

But we need your help to help us help OUR environment and our community. Due to us being in a rural location we are unable to recycle the plastic that the bubble mailers are made out of… we are only able to recycle plastics 1 & 2 and those types of plastics are a 3, 4, 5, & 6. We could reduce our garbage consumption to practically nothing if you were to send in your items in either a fiber filled envelope, a cardboard envelope or a box and help us reduce the amount of garbage going into the landfills!

Thank you for help!